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Aug 22, 2014

Introducing KeepUsUp, a website monitoring service

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Dear Valued User,

Over the years of supporting clients, our team encountered scenarios where users' websites were not optimized or suffered from performance issues. These problems can prevent forms from being filled out.  Ultimately resulting in missed opportunities and the loss of customers. We would like to introduce you to the KeepUsUp service to provide more transparency on your website performance.

KeepUsUp is not only a tool that monitors webpages that are important to you, it is also service solution comprised of a team of veteran engineers.  When a technical problem does occur, you will have someone by your side.

How do you start monitoring? 

We made it easy for you, free performance checks have already been created for you.  For the next 3 months we'll will be monitoring webpages that are important to you.  You will receive weekly reports and be notified if any problems arise.

Where can I see my data? 

As some of you may have already noticed, we recently unlocked a new Add-Ons tab when you are logged into the system.  By clicking on the KeepUsUp option you will be navigated to your performance dashboard.

Go to KeepUsUp Dashboard


What if I need help or have questions? 

In the KeepUsUp dashboard, click the Help button or simply email us directly at support@keepusup.com.

EmailMeForm and KeepUsUp Team


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